Tuesday, June 06, 2006

everyone hates us

i read any article this weekend that discussed why cyclists have gone from being 'eco friendly' to psychos on wheels...

on my ride in today i decided everyone hates us, because we hate them, they step out without looking (engage brain) they pull out without looking, they generally do everything that makes us believe that they want to kill or maim us.

this morning a bus decides to spill passengers out into the cycle lane, i brake, slow down to pass and get tuts from the passengers waiting to get off, i gnash teeth, get angry and shout... i hate them.

now hours later, i don't know for sure if that was a bus stop... i wouldn't say i feel bad, maybe stupid though...

Summer ride

Just a couple of pics of my improved cross-check...

stripped off the old winter tractor wheels and the shit catchers for something more racey... and added some on-one midges, which coincidentally rock.

i was gonna turn this bike into somekind of geared up tourer, but a week of riding in clement weather has turned me around, singlespeed is top, even if my legs do knack.