Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Shocking article on Velorution about the number of cyclist deaths at the hands of HGV drivers. Shocking not just because of the numbers, but also because 85% are women...

For some time i've ranted about the complete oblivion which most drivers seem to surround themselves with in london, particularly drivers of HGVs/buses. This isn't about the highway code, who has right of way or whether you don't like cyclists... it is about having a little thought about other road users and considering that you could perhaps kill someone in your attempt to get somewhere at breakneck speed.

For once, i'm slightly at a loss as to what to say, i just can't believe anyone can have such little regard for human life.

It's an interesting article and you read it here

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Pret a Rouler

i'm all for practical clothing on a bike, after spending most of my 1st 'proper' year cycling in london with a mix of an old pair of cut-off BDUs, some crap cycling shorts and everything, but everything altura, i quickly noted the merits of propers cuts and materials.

this doesn't mean i like lycra, well... i don't wear lycra, atleast not where it's visible and i do manage to avoid the classic luminous look of most commuters. but, i for one would love to see some clothing that is cycle specific, uses technical fabrics, but most of all makes you feel less of a dick when you walk around sans bike.

i know velorution are a pushing some boundries on this, so it came as no surprise to find this on there site:
pret a rouler

i say no suprise, but nice none-the-less, a fashion show of new emerging designers alongside some more established names like rapha (love you, can't afford you... 90 for a pair of breeks...) and showcased in somekind of mysterious multimedia type way... on brick lane... i'm looking forward to it...

little langster

Just thought this was a suitable urban setting for a little langster... even with my preference for steel and the shit this poor bike gets from purists, i like em.

this one's sporting some pure courier style, that cheap placky guard pointing down on the wheel, the new york lock, can't tell if it's a goldfinger lever, but i'd put money on it. whether it's real or pretend, who cares, it looks good...

Friday, March 16, 2007


On the subject of 'I can make it' I nearly hit someone yesterday, on my bike that is, not with a fist or anything.

I was speeding around waterloo roundabout, at least I think that's what it's called, the one with the big cinema thingy in the middle... Anyway, flying around there, you have to pick up a bit of speed to keep pace with all the cars tearing around it, then you drop down into a smaller road with a pedestrian crossing.

Now... I look down and see lots of people crossing, it's a green light for me though, so I brake a little and start honking my horn, most people clear at this point, except for the brainless prick with the ipod, he just carries on sauntering across...

At this point I try and brake, but feel my back wheel slide, so I decide to go around him at the risk of scaring the shit out of him. Hey! It's better than me hurting myself.

Then he sees me.

And he does that scared 'where the fuck should I go' shuffle, forwards (yes!) then backwards (no!) and then thankfully forward again.

I ride around him, call him a fucking pillock and he gives me a paddington bear stare.

I'd just like to point out that YOU were in the wrong, I did everything I could, fucking look before you leap.

If... I... Can... Just... Make... It...

Why do so many of the people I encounter on my daily ride think they can make it?

They CAN make that traffic light before it goes red.
They CAN trundle across the road (on red) before I plough into them (on green).
They CAN pull out in front of me and accelerate so that I don't smack into the side of them.

I reckon people should be given a taste of singlespeed (or indeed fixed) for a week. They'll understand that you CAN wait, it doesn't really matter it's just a few minutes, enjoy the sunshine or something.

If you're wondering where my new found karma has come from, I'm experimenting with a new non-swear, take in the view (whilst watching out for cunts) approach to my rides. I feel it helps with my blood pressure.

It's been prompted by the very un-seasonal weather we're having here, I've had a week of sunny mornings, around 15 degrees, and the fresh love i'm feeling for the karate monkey, it's made me smile everyday.

Apparently it's going to snow on Monday and drop to 5 degrees...

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Belt up

I'd seen these on Brixton Cycles and Howies... and then forgot about them...

Then i saw them again on Gwadzilla (thanks!) and thought they deserved a post for so many reasons. I'd like to pretend the main one was a green reason, but i have to confess it's because i think they're cool... and i want one.

Please Mr. Motorist... PT2

Please keep this in mind Mr (or Mrs in this case) motorist...

When i try and take a dominant position on the road, it's for the following reason, i'm nervous about some cunt running me over on a very busy roundabout (waterloo in this case, but it extends to most).

I'm not doing it to be annoying.

Therefore trying accelerate around me, defeats the point, i did this to stop you doing that. i'm only going to hold you up for 20 seconds as i scoot to the side as fast as my little ginger legs will carry me, so stick with me, then you can be on your way, a whole 20 seconds late for your shitty job.

i do hope this won't affect your 5K monthly bonus, but if it does, perhaps you could consider using public transport, it's cheaper, quicker, better for the environment and i'd be much happier with one less cunt on the road.

Friday, March 02, 2007

yes indeed...

nicked from fixedgeargallery... i hope they don't mind... i just liked the sentiment...