Tuesday, March 28, 2006

whilst i'm on the subject of bad driving...

whilst this morning's crash is still on my mind, if anyone is reading this that is, now's the time to pop over to the CTC and lobby your MP.

if you haven't heard about their plans, they're aiming for some key changes, specifically to lower speed limits, make drivers more liable for their actions and to target bad driving generally.

anyways, it's all worthwhile and here:
CTC campaign

and perhaps more importantly, please do react to this one too:
Highway code amendment

if you haven't seen this yet, a revision to the code, specifically:
"Use cycle routes when practicable and cycle facilities such as advanced stop lines, cycle boxes, and toucan crossings where they are provided, as they can make your journeys safer" quote from CTC
it's the 'where they are provided' bit that's scary, there's no option in there...

from what i understand, this means that if i'm injured by a driver near a cycle lane and try to make a claim against said driver, it's highly likely that their lawyer would argue 'contributory negligence'

it does make you wonder if anyone has looked at the cycle lanes in london, to me the combination of potholes, glass, dog sh*t and parked cars make them much more dangerous than the road itself...

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