Wednesday, October 25, 2006

That red light thing

now i know this one causes a lot of debate and is well worn ground... but, in light of the new 'share the road campaign' courtesy of tfl, i felt incensed enough to have a rant.

so... the basic premise of this wonderful campaign, is to stop evil cyclists from endangering everyone's life with their 'idiotic' behaviour... in fact someone shouted 'lights idiot' at me this morning, not seeing the irony in the fact they were crossing on red...

anyway, whilst there's no denying that jumping reds is potentially dangerous, i'd argue that the drivers of motor vehicles that i see jumping reds most days are much more reckless and dangerous than me on my little red bike...

in fact, a pedestrian is 100 times more likely to be injured in a collision with a motor vehicle, than with a cycle (despite the 71% rise in bike use this year) and to back that up, last year 34,791 pedestrian injuries were caused by motor vehicles with only 331 involving cycles (thanks to the CTC for the hard facts).

535 people were also killed last year in collisions, only one of these involved a cycle (which coinidentally wasn't jumping a red, riding on the pavement or indeed doing anything 'illegal') the rest cars/motorbikes/trucks/the usual.

and even the riding on the pavement thing (which i have to confess i have done, but usually when someone has closed any other option for me and then i've done it a slower than walking pace) shows that there were 2,197 injuries occurring on the pavement caused by motor vehicles, 17 of which were fatal. this figure outnumbers similar cycle collisions by 42 to 1.

so... and to end this on a informed and adult note, this new campaign is as much a crock of shit as the proposed bicycle number plates or the plan to fine you £2500 for not having a bell on your bike.

for fuck's sake can we please address some real issues? people talking on phones whilst driving for one, how many times do i need to narrowly avoid a scrape because some prick is trying to multi-task when it's evident he can't even keep his car in a straight line.

and if you're going to take the line of simply following the highway code, fine, but could all motor vehicle drivers and pedestrians take note of the following...

when you do something fucking stupid, like step out into the road without looking, don't get angry at me when i honk (or shout if it's too late), i'm trying to save both our arses from a tumble.

when you do something sketchy, like cross when it's on red, or cut down the outside of the traffic, don't get angry at me for doing the same.

share the road, sure, happy to, now you.


Neil K said...

Andrew I'm very glad you found the time to get this off your chest today whilst supposedly working for me…



crayola said...

thanks. i wrote it in my lunch break, i am still allowed those whilst i 'work for you' aren't i? or do i have to knock piss breaks off my day rate too?