Sunday, February 04, 2007

Back in the saddle

i managed a couple of rides this week, the last one resulting in my strange ailment
this weekend... but hey... i enjoyed them...

everything hurt, lungs, legs, bits and butt, but it felt great to be travelling in a way that doesn't involve cramming into a carriage with a hundred other smelly bods.

it did however remind me of a few things:

1. most taxi drivers are still cocks (strange that hasn't changed in the last 5 weeks). prime example was the oblivious prick that i nearly rode into the back of (after he made a particularly hilarious braking maneuver). i say 'oblivious' as his only focus was the bloke in the suit with his hand in the air and sadly not the sweating ginger riding behind him. i'm also sad to say that my paddington bear stare did little to alarm/provoke him.

2. pedestrians are still stupid. i counted 8 ridiculous moves, stepping out without looking, going to step out, see me then wobble on the curb... etc. i have a plan, hand out £40 fines to these dicks when they cross on red.

3. and finally, it reminded me that i like bikes... a lot...

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