Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Transport for London

I’m not usually one of those cunts that feels motivated enough to write to the papers or make things formal on the complaints front…. But…

Riding in last week I was subject to, and then witnessed, some of the most inconsiderate and dangerous driving I have seen in quite some time. I felt so incensed that I actually took note of the drivers number with the intention of complaining, this is odd, as you know if you’ve ever read this blog (if anyone reads this blog…) or indeed know me, I’d normally just settle for a hearty cuss…

Anyways, it’s raining, it’s dark, it’s miserable, it’s a morning ride in London, I’m moving down the old kent road when this prick of a bus driver overtakes, indicates and then does a sharp left to pull in at a bus stop.

I brake, skid, compose myself, then ride past and inform the driver that he’s a stupid cunt. Nothing unusual here, I do this most mornings and evenings (usually a few times). But this time I witness him do the same and then some to another rider 200 metres up the road, this time forcing said rider to put his hand out and actually touch the bus.

I’m sorry, but this is a fucking joke, this prick is driving a 10 ton hunk of metal like it’s a run around.

So… I’ve mailed TFL to tell them their ‘share the roads’ campaign is a joke and as I’ve said before ‘I’ll share the road when other pricks want to share it with me’.

I’ll post a response as (and if) I receive it.

NB: Initially this driver was to be awarded the cunt of the year title, but I’ve ridden a few more times after, there are now lots of other candidates.

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