Thursday, March 08, 2007

Please Mr. Motorist... PT2

Please keep this in mind Mr (or Mrs in this case) motorist...

When i try and take a dominant position on the road, it's for the following reason, i'm nervous about some cunt running me over on a very busy roundabout (waterloo in this case, but it extends to most).

I'm not doing it to be annoying.

Therefore trying accelerate around me, defeats the point, i did this to stop you doing that. i'm only going to hold you up for 20 seconds as i scoot to the side as fast as my little ginger legs will carry me, so stick with me, then you can be on your way, a whole 20 seconds late for your shitty job.

i do hope this won't affect your 5K monthly bonus, but if it does, perhaps you could consider using public transport, it's cheaper, quicker, better for the environment and i'd be much happier with one less cunt on the road.

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