Wednesday, August 22, 2007


i've been looking for a folding bike... for those days where i have nowhere to leave my precious bikes... yes, even the one i bought to be left anywhere... they're all too precious.

at the mo, and after some test rides, these are topping the list:
swift (although i can only get the alloy version, boo...)
airnimal joey (yes, named after mr. deacon)

they both look great although i have to confess to falling slightly for the retarded look of the swifts... i have the same problem with shoes, always attracted to the birkenstocks.

anyway, i'll bore you with details once i try/buy. but in the meantime i want the one pictured. some one make it... please!


Anonymous said...

Any reason to discount the Brompton. Costly but fantastic quality, folding size and handling. Not the lightest but not actually that heavy.

Horn said...

it was more the distance thing... i'm looking for something i can do 40km a day on... and even though i know people have done further on a brompton, i'm not sure.

and to be honest, i tried a smaller wheel dahon and found it all too twitchy.

no denying they're good bikes tho. i ain't no hater.