Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I've been a bit stupid...

... of late, i managed to miss a red light the other week (yes, really, cub's honour). I have to say in my defence it was after a very close call with a car, a car that had decided it was bored with queuing and used it's 'magic indicators*' before turning across my path...

anyways, i was contemplating said near miss when i missed that darn light. unfortunately the bus coming the other way, damn sure wasn't going to miss his green (despite the pesky cyclist in his way). thankfully my brakes were working pretty well...

so, another near miss avoided.

however as i cycle alongside the bendy bus, which has stopped for passengers, i see the driver pull his window open. so, i stop to see what he has to say...

'i suppose you didn't see me or the red light?' was his opening gambit.

i informed him that hadn't actually seen the red, but thankfully i had seen him otherwise i'd be under the bus right now.

i then asked if he thought he had the right to kill someone simply because he had green.

this one stunned even me, he replied 'yes'

i have to confess to being shell shocked by that and only managed to retort 'like every other bus driver, you're a fucking idiot' and rode off. I'm not particularly proud of that as a come back, but i really couldn't believe he'd said that, even if it was knee-jerk.

Which brings me to my point, I'm continually amazed by the movements of (to be fair) SOME motorists. It seems that i am fair game if i do something as stupid as get in their way. I understand the frustration felt commuting in London (believe me i do, I'm the one in the rain getting cut up by you), but i never feel the need to actually attempt to kill someone.

I had a similar one this morning with a taxi, i didn't see the no-entry sign and was following the road markings. Again, i was being a bit stupid, or very stupid, but sadly you're not allowed to kill people for that reason.

that exchange was a little crude, i did however ask him if he thought he had the right to kill me because i'd made a mistake, this does seem to fluster people... to the point that he decided to mimic my geordie accent, repeating 'haway' over and over. I have to confess to thinking this was a good mindless come back at first, but was then hit with a wave of depression... i love riding my bike, but i'm really struggling with the general driver's attitude at the mo, i don't know if it's the winter and the poor conditions, but something is giving me the shivers...

*i can't take credit for this term, the cyclist who witnessed my near miss coined it.


iconoclaSSt said...

Be careful, bro--that drifty attention will do you in sooner or later if you don't tighten up. Stay safe.

Once the engine fires up, a human in a car stops being human.

gwadzilla said...

it is tough...

right or wrong
you want to stay alive

the sad thing

the cyclist may contribute to an accident by running the red light

but the driver contributes to the severity of the injury by their speed
the chance of fatality increases with increased speed

a slam with a car at 25MPH is different than a collision with a car at 35MPH and so on and so on

we all need to watch our backs
no one is looking out for the biker but the biker

Horn said...

absolutely, sometimes it's easy for me to blame the motorist, when it's been my error.

that said, it does seem to be their error a lot more than mine... not that it helps...

eyes in the back of my head right now.

winter is drawing in. people are being more stupid... and that's before the ice and rain... *gulp*