Monday, March 24, 2008

It's spring

so why, when we're eating easter eggs, is it snowing,hailing and generally being weird?

i got caught in a biblical hailstorm on friday after stopping off to buy chocolate products, then it's snowed pretty much all weekend. i'm not going to bang on about global warming and perhaps suggest that you all use bikes more than your 'gas guzzlers' - but - i will say 'this is weird...'

and i didn't get to clean surly (again)


gwadzilla said...

I love the Surly product

I have two Karate Monkeys

and would consider the cross check or the steam roller

as far as the couplers go
I would break any frame before I could recoup my spending on the break away system over rentals when traveling

Horn said...

i have (had) a karate monkey. i don't get to ride much singletrack in london and can't justify it no more... boy it was fun tho. ebay beckons.

i'll make do with the cross-check for now.

i'm with you, the s&s thing is a different league. i ordered an airnimal, which considering i'd need a respray if i went down the coupling route, was only marginally more... crazy...