Monday, March 24, 2008

Top tips

yet more top tips from the wonderful commute by bike site


gwadzilla said...

paul's levers are sweet


but sweet

they do feel so much nicer than the less expensive ones

sad to know that people are the same on each side of the pond

today I was buzzed on an unpaved road by an SUV as I walked with my 4 and 7 year old sons and my wife and mother inlaw
I gave the driver a thumbs up and waved

I knew they were a tourist on vacation like myself

they were not going crazy fast
but they could have gone slower and given us more space
I tried to guess where they were from
selecting two states
when the driver turned out to be parked where we were asking I asked where he was from

he said germany

I said
you must be accustom to driving on the auto bon

he gave me hard stares for some time after that

I withheld my mention that it was good to see that the the obesity epidemic was limited to the states
(his son was a little over weight)

but I did not want to be mean to his son who is a victim of our new world economy and the availability of anything and everything we want to put in our mouths

gwadzilla said...

I really just wanted to share this link to a previous post which includes an image of a kid with a sign that reads HONKING MAKES ME GO SLOWER

but I rambled

I ramble
that is why I blog

Horn said...

sorry to hear it's the same all over...

i find it depressing enough when it's just me, if it involved my loved ones too, i dunno what i'd do...

gla you didn't let it slide tho, too much of that going on...

good link, cheers!

i rant, that's why i blog...

Horn said...

oh! and yeh! very sweet levers...hard to get here, but worth the effort and cash.